"The absolute best class and instructors ever! I couldn't have passed without their help and for that I am forever grateful!" ~ Jennifer Stewart

"I took the class at the end of the 2016 year. The instructors are friendly and make the material easy to comprehend. As of yesterday, I passed the CNA exam! Thank you Florida CNA Skills Center for your help!" ~ Antoinette Richemond

"Nessa St James and the Florida CNA Skills Center were a God-send! The numerous practice written tests made me confident and the test was a snap. The skills portion was a little nerve-racking, but the room was set up just like the classroom and I performed the 3 skills exactly how Nessa demontrated them and as they're shown on the DVD. I couldn't believe how unprepared and poorly trained some of the other testers were. Studying hard definately paid off. Her course was well-worth the cost and the feeling of satisfaction when I recieved my license in the mail awas immense. Thanks Nessa!"

Salvatore DiLorenzo,lll


​       We are the best CNA test prep class in the Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice area. 

"Great program! So happy I took the course at Florida CNA Skills Center. Fantastic learning atmosphere and fast paced without it being overwhelming!" ~ Lisa Schwartz

"This was a great class. Learned a lot of new things in the med tech class last night." ~ Kee Milton-Hunt

"I took your class back in February and I loved it.  I am also proud to say that I've passed my state board exam.  I highly recommend you to any one male or female that wants to be in the medical field and wants to pass their exam the first time." ~ Nicole Bryant

"I passed my state board exams today!!!! I got measuring urine output, transfer from bed to wheel chair, and hand & nail care. The nurses were very nice. Thank you Florida CNA skills center, everything you taught me was on point!"  ~ David Irwin 

(941) 685-6871

A Company with Heart

"I'm e-mailing you to tell you how much your class has changed my life. I took your class in May 2012 passed my licensure test in July 2012. I also started practical nursing school that year and graduated this past January 2014 and found out this morning that I am approved to sit for my boards. Your class has been so beneficial to me and I will always recommend someone to attend any one of your classes and I wish your school all the best in the future." ~ Angela Moorhead

"I am so happy I took your class. I passed with flying colors this past Friday on the CNA skills/written test. I was more prepared than my partner (who took the class at Southwest Institute). Thank you very much for preparing me. Very excited for my future in nursing. I have already spread your name around my department. Look out for students coming in!!" ~ Natalie Sherk

"I took your class Febuary 4, 5 ,6th. I just recently took the test on March 25th and passed. I was so nervous, there were 8 of us and we got matched up as we walked in. Thank goodness I was first to go. My partner and I both ended up with ROM shoulder, recording pulse and perineal care only because the nurses mixed up our paperwork. We both forgot some things but thank goodness we remembered to correct ourselves before saying I am done. I shared with the others to make sure they check the armband, check the brake on the bed (they did not know to do that), and close the curtain. I thank you so much for the book and the dvd it helped me out so much in preparing for the test. I am recommending your school to everyone i know. I am now a certified CNA." Candace Cotton

"I took your class back in September and had my test today and I PASSED!! Your class is awesome! It helped me so much!" ~ Jessica Mitchell

"I just finished my CNA classes last week. Waiting for my test date. Just finished my Med Tech class. I am new to the area and I want to thank everyone at the center for all you have done for me." ~ Kandy Peace

"I took this class in August of this year and took my state exam on October 25th and PASSED! Thank you Nessa! And thank you Bernadette for letting me sit in on your class the weekend before my test! Without the two of you this would never have been possible!" ~ Marcee Smith

"​Excellent teaching. Great environment." Star Carter 

"Nessa's class is seriously the best!!! I passed first time and am employed within 7 days! Thank you so so much!" ~ Sammie Mathews


"I wanted to write and let you know that I took my CNA state test and I passed the written and clinical!!! I took the test on Friday in Bradenton. Others did not pass.  While we waited to test, we were visiting and some had paid $1,000's of dollars to get their CNA. I was very happy to have taken your class and I am now a CNA.  I spent every morning watching your DVD and studying each skill. Thank you for your class, book and DVD. All that helped me in passing this test." ~ Pam Foster

"I recently took your class on July 15, 16, & 17. I got a test date within 5 days and tested on July 29th.  I actually took the test with Kate from that class as well.  I passed the test after a long day of waiting but it paid off!  I wanted to thank you so much for what you do.  Your knowledge and great teaching skills is what got me through this.  I also really loved your videos.  I watched them at least once a day before I took the test. THANK YOU NESSA!  I am starting to apply for jobs at Sarasota Memorial so wish me luck!  I will definitely recommend your school to anyone I meet who is seeking out their CNA certification."  ~ Amanda Van Beck


"Just wanted to send you a short note to let you know that I am now a Certified Nursing Assistant. I took my state test on June 25 and I passed. You and the class that you presented were most helpful in my success. I thank the Lord for guiding me to your website, allowing me to take your class and pass my exams.

Again, thank you for your class, your confidence in your students, and the awesome video of the skills which got me to this next exciting level in my life."
Sheryl Jones


"I took Nessa's CNA course in July and absolutely loved it! The course covers all 22 nursing skills in a very well organized, methodical, detailed and easy to understand manner. When I took the written and clinical skills exams, I was very well prepared and passed with flying colors. I attributed my passing the State exams to Nessa's great CNA course. Her course rocks!" ~ Bill Spence

Florida CNA Skills Center


This is from a Facebook message from one of Nessa's students:

"Dear Nessa, thank you for your wonderful CNA curriculum. You are not only an amazing instuctor but a true advocate for your students. Thank you so much for all your support and help with finding me employment. Sarah Merrifield"

Martha T. posted this nice comment on Facebook on June 28, 2013.

Thank you Martha for your kind words:

Best teachers! I passed my exam.Thank you Nessa, your the greatest!

Florida CNA Skills Center, Inc.Thank you Nessa! It was a great class and what a surprise with your book! Excellent job! You gave us everything we need and more!

Thank you so much for being there!
All my best~Dottie~

Hi Nessa,

I took my CNA exam today and even though I was a nervous wreck, I PASSED!!! I really want to thank you for your all help, I know that if I didnt have you as my instructor the outcome may been different today. You are so caring and helpful with your students, most instructers just want their money and thats it. You on the other hand are someone entirley different, and with the economy the... way it is these days its hard to find genuine, selfless people. You truely are a beutiful person and a wonderful mentor for this CNA class. I cant tell you how grateful I am to have met you and to have had your help in pursuing my career in medicine. I know it may seem silly but you are influencing people lives in a positive way through your teaching and I wish there more like you to spread around. If anyone I know decides to get licensed as a CNA you will be the first and only person to recomend.

By the way for my skills section of the exam I received PROM of the elbow and wrist, pulse, and partial bed bath. For those of you who think you cant get partial bed, you can so practice it! Also for the PROM of the elbow and wrist the nurse only had me extend the elbow out 3x, and flex the hand 3x. She was very sweet and understanding because I made several mistakes but everytime I did I made sure to tell the nurse what I did wrong and what I should have done instead. For the written portion of the exam my best advice is to do the practice exams located on the prometric website, and do the ones located in our CNA book. Once again Nessa thank you for all your help.

Kandyce Lopez


I took the CNA test in North Port, FL on Wed. Jan 4th. I PASSED both the written & skills portions! I can’t say enough about how well prepared I was after taking Nessa’s course!
Thanks again, Nessa, for All the time and effort that you put into your classes. I’m very happy to be starting a new career in the medical field. Who knows what is next…….. Bob Vesey

Bobby Vesey

Thank you Mrs, Nessa! You are great teacher!!!! I did recommended to some people

Mika Buick

Dear Nessa,

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to your program/training center.
I passed the Florida exam w/ ease due to the proper training I received because of your course. I highly recommend you! Great teacher!

Thanks again, Becky Hayes.


Hi Nessa,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my CNA certification in the mail today, only took a week after passing the state exam! Thanks again for your hard work and dedication to your students. I will always highly recommend your class.

Dee-Jared Hammond

After taking Nessa's course I easily passed my state exams. She has great teaching skills, and I had the option to go back and review at any time. Went on to get Med Tech certification and have a jump start on self esteem as an added bonus.

Ann Picard

Hi Neesa!

I'll never be able to thank you enough for the great training! Let the girls know there are so many opportunities out there for Nurse's Aides! If you love taking care of people and making a difference in this world, this is the skill for you! miss you!! Marianne

Marianne Mancuso